Saturday, March 18, 2017

Nonton Online Metro TV News Live Streaming Indonesia

Metro TV live streaming, available on many websites. The present is all the TV stations have a channel for live streaming. It allows everyone to see television shows whenever desired.

No need to use the television and antenna that did not save the place. With a computer or mobile phone equipped with internet facilities, then it can be viewed television. So wherever and whenever, you can enjoy your favorite show. Practical is not it?
Metro TV

Metro TV is one of the private television station is still relatively young age. Although not also be said to be too young. Nowadays more and more new television station graced the screen. Connoisseurs of the television show, just select which stations offer the most attractive event.

TV stations that one owner is businessman and politician NasDem, Surya Paloh is on air since 25 November 2000 in Jakarta. Condescendent television stations are PT Media Televisi Indonesia.

Since the present is trying to be different, to display only news programs and talk shows are weighted. But as the development, this television also incorporate elements of entertainment.

Although still young, metro tv show offered no less interesting to other television stations. Many events that actually add to their knowledge and experience. Call it matanajwa, just Alvin and kickandy. The third event is getting viewers to increase knowledge about the world is full of struggle.

Not just the glamorous world of the artist. In addition to talk shows, there is also a motivational event hosted a master motivator, namely "Mario Teguh The Golden Ways". In addition to these events, metro tv broadcast shows like other television stations, namely: general news, sports news and artistry.

Talk show displayed in metro tv, making the station is quite different from the others. During the initial broadcast, the television broadcast had oprah Winfrey show. Of course this is a unique and interesting discussion. Then gradually metro tv broadcast a talk show with a form that is no less interesting.

There kick andy, which makes us have a different experience to what was experienced in everyday life. Of course, because in a talk at the kick andy, guests not only an artist.

It could be an artist, but with remarkable humanitarian achievement. Invite brought generally is a person who has a unique, great services to the nation and other things that can be used as a lesson for everyone. Be throughout the event anyone to tears, glazed or simply stunned.

But do not worry, viewers can also be made to laugh while watching this show. Invited guests who never attended include: businessman Ciputra, people who change gender, Indonesian scientists who are outside the country, children with certain diseases, nem best champion, and many other unique types.

Another kick andy The same with Alvin juice. In this talk show invited are the celebrities. Talking about light things about the invited guests.

The format is similar to an artist talk at other television stations, but the packaging make this event seem more weighty. In matanajwa event, hosted Najwa Shihab, also different show format.

Here to talk about the real issues, by inviting a variety of sources. For other events, the form is not different from other TV stations in Indonesia. For lovers of knowledge and life experience, then metro tv highly recommended.

Seeing the progress notes metro tv is so good, it turns out this is one of the television stations that controversy. The controversy caused, one of which is the ban on headscarves on Sandrina Malakiano. Therefore these cases, pretty presenter chose to resign.

Not to stop there, metro tv a mouthpiece for the presidential election campaign (election) in 2014. There was some lack of objektifan news during the eve of the presidential election. It actually makes people less educated, but as a private television of course it is a part of rights may not be infringed.

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