Saturday, March 18, 2017

Nonton Online Net. TV Live Streaming Indonesia

Nonton Online Net. TV Live Streaming Indonesia - You would be surprised by the following names: NET. TV, yes that is the name of a private television station that had just been born in Indonesia in 2013. Its history is noted that the NET [dot] TV is an entertainment media that focus on entertainment content and information that is the work of PT. NET MEDIATAMA INDONESIA as part of INDIKA GROUP which is a true conglomerate engaged in the business of Energy and Natural Resources.

Not much to tell about this private station except that the NET. The new TV running in some big cities only through the usual network TV antenna (UHF), namely:

Jakarta - 27 UHF
Bandung - 30 UHF
Surabaya - 58 UHF
Medan - 43 UHF
Denpasar - 39 UHF
Kediri - 27 UHF
Garut - 26 UHF
Madison - 56 UHF
Jember - 56 - UHF
Malang - 58 UHF

It seems it is possible at times fore this station will broadcast more widely to various other parts of Indonesia. The events featured that they serve is like Sport, News NET24 which is the midnight news shows, NET5 presenting news in the morning, Film, Drama and so forth.

You are curious about the various impressions? Just watch NET. Online TV streaming below are broadcast by streaming live:

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