Saturday, March 18, 2017

Nonton TV Online MNCTV Live Streaming Indonesia

MNCTV the regeneration of the station TPI. Yes, before named MNCTV, this television station known as TPI. So, how MNCTV Live Stream today?

Before discussing more about live streaming MNCTV, it could not hurt to know in advance the history of MNCTV. The review is as follows.

Regeneration TPI Being MNCTV
As we know, MNCTV previously named TPI. TPI is an Indonesian private television station which broadcasts from Jakarta. And now, the television station was renamed MNCTV.

Based on available data, it is known that the first TPI airs only got a 2-hour time slot from 1 January 1991. Starting from 19:00 until 21:00.

At the beginning of the establishment, TPI only broadcast programs that are being educative. After that, TPI received additional airtime to 4 hours a day. Then increased to 6.5 hours. And increase back to 8 hours.

And over time, TPI began to make a more varied show. This makes the program are education reduced. And added with other programs, such as quizzes and soap operas as selingannya.

Now that he's a glimpse of the beginning of the establishment MNCTV. So, what about its programs? Any program in the MNCTV live streaming?

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